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Time Out

“Don’t worry – Every couple fights.” True, however what we don’t realize is that not every couple fights the same way. According to Dr. John Gottman, relationship researcher and couples therapist, all couples have conflicts.  The difference between happy couples and unhappy couples is the way in which conflict is handled. Properly handling conflict begins …

Emotions and Kids

     Parenting is hard! It was hard before the days of quarantine and online learning, work from home, and social distancing. We are all talking about and longing for the day when things will “get back to normal.” The pressures of working from home while suddenly taking charge of distance learning stretched our coping mechanisms …

Love in Quarantine

A recent social media post by a dear friend caught my attention. She and her partner are engaged in a quarantine courtship and proclaim they are falling in love all over again. What brought this new blush to a decades-long marriage? Her response; “All we’ve left to do is fall in love all over again!” …

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