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Claudia Nell Hawley

Claudia Nell Hawley


Claudia Nell Hawley holds a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary. Claudia is coming to mental health as a second career after spending many years as a small business owner. Working alongside clients in her former career as a realtor, instilled in Claudia a deep empathy, and a sincere desire to serve couples, families, and individuals in the journey through depression, anxiety, and trauma to healing, connection, and self-worth.

Claudia is passionate about helping you find peace and understanding amidst our fast-paced, content-filled, disconnected world.  Whether you are an individual or couple seeking help for relationship distress, issues of infidelity, betrayal trauma, sex addiction, depression, anxiety, or job-related distress Claudia is here for you.

Gottman Approved Member

The effect of past trauma, relationship struggles, addictions, or the complexities of finding work/life balance impacts the body, mind, and spirit. Feeling overwhelmed may have become what feels normal. Staying in this state leads to struggles with depression, anxiety, and numbing just to cope with daily living. If this is your reality it is time to get help. You can heal from feelings and beliefs that you are "unlovable, "not enough" and "unworthy" of love, belonging, and community.

With all this in mind, Claudia's goal is to create an environment of compassionate healing to help you find the inner safety and connection you are missing. Purpose, vision, and peace are possible! It starts with healing yourself and your relationships.

Claudia uses mindfulness practices such as somatic experiencing, Heartmath meditation, and grounding to help you learn to calm your nervous system. She incorporates attachment-based Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and her advanced training in addictions and complex post-traumatic stress disorder to help you discover and heal from the stuck and painful places in your life. 

Claudia is a Associate Sex Addiction Therapist. She helps couples and individuals dealing with Intimacy disorders, including sex addiction, pornography addiction, betrayal trauma, affair recovery, and love, relationship, and sex addiction in women.

Claudia is a facilitator for Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: premarital, relationship, and marriage workshop based on the Gottman Method for marriage and relationship therapy. She is an EFT Couples therapist, EMDR therapist, and has advanced training in treating Complex Post-Traumatic Stress, addictions, and trauma.

In her free time, Claudia enjoys cooking for friends, capturing the beauty of Colorado with her camera, and spending time outdoors.

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