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Kathryn Gatchell

Kathryn Gatchell, MA, LPC

I believe in the inherent dignity and value of every person. I am passionate about working toward healing and creating a greater understanding of one’s self, especially with children and young adults. I want to give kids the tools to know how to discuss and regulate their emotions at a young age so that they will have those skills for the rest of their lives. It is sometimes hard to know the next steps toward healing, but I am committed to helping with that process. 

I primarily use Person-Centered and Play-Based therapy modalities. I also utilize psychoeducation about the brain and body in order to teach kids about what is going on internally when they are feeling dysregulated. I practice trauma-informed therapy and work with people from all backgrounds. As a therapist, I have experience working in community mental health as a school-based mental health therapist. I understand how to help navigate the pressures of school and balance it with life outside the classroom. I primarily work with children and young adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and those struggling to process trauma.

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