Claudia brings her core values of kindness, belief in the uniqueness of every individual and her commitment to human dignity as a foundation for every client relationship.  

We offer the following:


Stress, communication gaps, lost intimacy, and sometimes illness can lead to isolation, fear, and anger between partners. You find yourself asking questions like:

  • Are you really there for me? Are going to be there for me?
  • Do I really matter to you?
  • Can I turn to you for comfort and strength?
  • Are we in this together?

If you find yourself questioning the security of your relationship it is time to seek help and support for your most important relationship. Couples counseling can help you navigating your way back to the secure and loving relationship you desire and lead to a better, stronger, and more secure future.


Life is hard and sometimes we need help to beginning again:

  • When your career goes off track
  • When dating fails to bring you the love and belonging you long for.
  • When your marriage ends.
  • When the pressure of life leaves you stressed and anxious.
  • When life becomes overwhelming and depression sets in.
  • When loneliness becomes your normal

Are you ready to step into life filled with hope and a pathway to a flourishing life?


You are not alone! Sometimes we need the help and support of other people on the same life journey. We offer group counseling  for couples in all seasons and stages of life. Group counseling lends support by helping you realize you are not alone. You will gain a different  perspective  and allow you the opportunity to receive support and share your wisdom.

Stoney Creek Counseling recognizes the need for affordable mental health care. A large number of individuals living in the Denver Metro area are living at or below the “living wage” income of $18 per hour ($3,024 per month). A living wage is the minimum income necessary for an individual to meet their basic needs. Stoney Creek Counseling desires to help make mental health services accessible and offers a limited number of reduced fee sessions ranging from $55-$75 per session. The session fee will be determined by the individual’s current financial situation.

Stoney Creek Counseling offers 4 reduced fee spots for individuals who live in the Denver Metro area, earning $18 per hour ($3,024 per month) or less; are working part time and earning less than what is considered the monthly income needed to maintain a living wage in the Denver Metro area ($3,024 per month). Reduced fee spots are also open to post-secondary education or graduate students who are living in the Denver Metro area and have income below the Denver Metro area living wage.

 Stoney Creek Counseling charges $125 per hour for a 50-minute therapy session. Individuals qualifying for the reduced fee spots must attend bi-weekly sessions at a minimum and may attend weekly sessions. Should an individual who has made use of a reduced fee spot desire to transition to sessions once per month the monthly session will be charged at Stoney Creek Counseling’s standard rate of $125 per 50-minute therapy session.

Reduced fee sessions are limited to 50-minute sessions.  To apply for one of the reduced fee spots please email

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” -Viktor Frankl

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