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Dating and Relationship Therapy

Dating and Relationship Therapy

Graphic of a couple fighting who are in need of dating and relationship therapy & counseling.

No one ever told you dating would be such hard work!

Claudia offers dating and relationship therapy to couples living in Centennial, Englewood, Aurora, Littleton, Denver, Parker, Lone Tree, and Castle Rock. Many people feel unsure of their current relationship and have no clear path to gain clarity and understanding about themselves and their partners. Do you find there is an unexpected conflict when certain subjects come up? Are you able to have meaningful conversations about your future?

There are essential conversations that can benefit nearly all relationships:

  • What do trust and commitment mean to each of you?
  • How do we address conflict?
  • How do we each view sex and intimacy?
  • What are our core values about work and money?
  • Do we have the same view of fun and adventure?
  • Can we talk about personal and couple growth?
  • Do we agree on spirituality?
  • Are we safe sharing our dreams?

The Gottman Method for Dating & Relationship Therapy

Claudia incorporates The Gottman Method into her dating and relationship therapy to help couples understand the principles needed to establish a sound relationship. Couples therapists and researchers John and Julie Gottman developed their couples therapy method to help couples disarm conflicting verbal communication and increase their level of intimacy. The Gottman Method increases respect and affection, removes obstacles that create a feeling of stagnancy, and increases a sense of empathy and understanding within the relationship.

Claudia begins with The Gottman Relationship Checkup assessment, which reveals a couple's strengths and challenges. A clear understanding of the couple's goals, strengths, and challenges allow Claudia to recommend timely and specific interventions. It is important to remember that all couples have conflicts. However, successful couples recognize their challenges, celebrate their strengths, and work together to resolve their differences.

Claudia offers the Prepare/Enrich assessment and workbook exercises in group settings or couples sessions. The Prepare/Enrich curriculum offers engaged couples insights and is helpful in session and between-session tasks that bring more profound understanding and teach lifelong communication and conflict resolution skills.

Schedule Dating and Relationship Therapy

Claudia offers a free 30-minute phone or virtual consultation. Contact Claudia to schedule your session.

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